about me

My name is Ricky DeCoite.
I am a self-taught computer techie with over 6 years experience in the industry.

My interest into IT began at 17 when I joined a Minecraft server.
I quickly earned an administrative position. Months after that, I had a controlling interest in the server network. This opened a world of opportunities for me. From a game geared towards kids, I learned how to work with Linux, Windows Server, Apache, Nginx, MySQL (and a good amount of forks), to name a few.
Designing websites and developing code are not my strong suit, but I have dabbled in both. I am versed in the ability to read and decipher errors to maintain smooth operation on the systems I manage. From there, I branched into car audio/home audio, automotive mechanics, media servers, and networking.
With what I have taught myself, I have become the family/friends IT guy. I work full time with DeepNet Computer Consulting as a Systems Administrator, as well as part time work for several personal clients in Sonoma County. I look forward to meeting you and solving all your IT needs!

About T.S.A.

The web site gets a major overhaul, including logo, backend servers and so much more!New Year, New Me! As we progress, changes become a necessity. While we will miss the single page simplicty, we gladly welcome the professional interface that we have worked extensively on.

The domain 'thesystemadmin.com' aquired, site migrated from rickydecoite.comA day to be celebrated as the birthday for TheSystemAdmin. A major stepping stone in this industry, to become a brand.